Hesitancy? Idiocy! Nurses, Too!

Why call it “vaccine hesitancy”?  That legitimizes what must be called what it truly is, idiocy.  These fools imperil themselves and those around them.  A cynic might call it natural selection or Darwin awardees. Denial of science and well-established public health principles will remove them from the gene pool.  In other words, Covid kills. 

Hesitancy, schmesitancy.
Hesitancy, schmesitancy.

A kinder view (The Atlantic, Sept. 2020, “How the Virus Won”) ascribes this idiotic behavior to complacency. “Vaccines eradicated smallpox and polio, and brought measles, diphtheria, and rubella to heel…  These achievements brought complacency.” In fact, I have known people of my parents’ generation crippled by polio.  Suffering and death brought by uncontrolled disease was ended by science not many generations ago. Have we already forgotten?

The evidence is indisputable. Covid death rates are inversely proportional to vaccination rates. Less vax, more death. Simple numbers. Science deniers are not “hesitant”.  They are fools. 

To my amazement, there are even some nurses among them.  “45% of Nursing Home Staff Still Unvaccinated Against COVID-19“.

We are taught — above all — to practice safely.  Do no harm.  Would these nurses infect their patients?  They should be suspended from the workplace until they’re vaccinated or the virus subsides. Especially in nursing homes!  Why do these Typhoid Marys still have licenses?

Go vaccinated nurses!


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