Falling is, of course, a serious health risk and one often assessed by nurses. A popular tool for this purpose is the Morse Fall Scale. It is one of many…
screenshot of Covid assessment

We Have Covid!

Screenshot of NurseAssess Covid screening No, not the disease, the assessment. Now NurseAssess users can screen their patients for Covid-19 and capture their findings in the app. The data you…
Hospital readmission merry-go-round


We are proud to announce a valuable addition to the widely-used LOINC clinical terminology standard. This addition is the LACE scale. It identifies patients who are at risk for readmission or death within thirty days of discharge.
Jennifer Shepherd

Biden? Hey! Nurses!

Jennifer Shepherd My newest nurse hero: Jennifer Shepherd. She looks at president-elect Biden's Covid task force and asks the absolutely essential question: where are the nurses? "NO other profession in…
Herd immunity?

Herd immunity?

In an October 19, 2020 JAMA article, Herd Immunity and Implications for SARS-CoV-2 Control by Saad et al is an excellent and succinct explanation of herd immunity. We all want society to return to normal. Can we do that through herd immunity? This article gives the answer. I summarize it here.